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Sade, Storm and Swift about the Brand “Serious BBoy”


It’s getting “Serious” – the new Breaking gear attacks!

BOTY: What is the idea behind your new brand „Serious“?

Sade: Our aim is to bring B-Boy gear to the next level. We want to combine style and function to create something new.

Storm: The main spirit lies in our own active B-Boy background. Since day one we were seeking for functional gear that would compliment and improve our performances.

Swift: The name says it all: We wanted to come up with a brand that takes the needs of B-Girl/Boy seriously, and so realizing our vision of the “perfect gear”.

BOTY: Why this name?

Storm: Because after more than 35 years of Breaking culture it is time to stop mess around and take a bigger step in creating a self sustaining industry.

Sade: It’s a message to the B-Boys out there who want to become famous. Stop playing around and get serious! You have to train hard to become a good dancer. On the other side of the medal we’re taking all these battles and competitions too serious. We should remind ourselves why we started dancing in the first place.

BOTY: Nowadays there are lots of people combining styles and power and less people only doing strictly power moves. In which way are your clothes also interesting for styles and footwork?

Storm: The functional side is only one part of the spectrum we take into consideration. Of course it is important that the designs have to make people look fly! In that matter it is not really relevant whether you spin a lot or not. It gives you the ability if you want to.

Swift: Everyone should be able to wear our brand, without being automatically recognized as a B-Boy/Girl, that is also an important aspect of the articles we produce. It has function, and also style. So you can wear it whenever, and you are ready when ever … and you don’t´ need a bag to carry all your so called “Dance Gear” with you if you go to a jam or club 😉

Sade: That’s exactly our task. B-Boys don’t want to end up changing clothes all the time if they’re planning to do some special moves. We create stuff that looks fresh and has functional features. I’m curious about where this will lead us.

BOTY: How did you develop the clothes? Did you maybe even test it at cyphers or battles?

Storm: “Mocknecks” are around since the 70´s. They wore them in “Wildstyle” already and it became the B-Boy fashion item. Sade improved the design and made it a suitable item for this decade. The “Spincap” on the other hand took quiet a while to develop. A brit called Peter Edwards added the most important engineering step by using a nylon mesh from his mothers´ shopping bag. He cut out a patch and sewed it on his beanie. It is the material our “Spincap” is produced of. But Peter and most others have a beanie and a patch, we now have an all  season “Spincap” that also your father could wear without asking any questions. Of course we are testing the fabrics and the prototypes before they get produced in larger quantities.

Sade: Additionally we’ll improve the stuff more and more. We’re open-minded for the suggestions and ideas of our customers.

Swift: We had these visions of our gear for a long time, now we just put it in perspective. With over 30 years of dance and dance fashion experience, you know all the important ingredients for the perfect Dance Gear.

BOTY: Where can people get the clothes?

Swift: Right now at “swiftrockshop.com” and later also at the “Serious” web shop and all “Serious” B-Boy/Girl shops.

Sade: the serious online shop is under construction right now and will start soon. Furthermore we’re already negotiating with partners in USA and Japan. We keep searching for distribution partners all over the world. Our culture is a global movement.

BOTY: What are the next “Serious” tools coming in the future?

Storm: We haven´t decided yet, but Sade has so many ideas that we meet enthusiastically each time he presents them.

Sade: For sure we’ll bring new stunning colors of the spincap. The rest  is a surprise – it just begun!

Swift: That is our problem, we have too many ideas about what to produce next, but I guess that is not a “Serious” problem 😉

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