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Story behind the Spincap


Breaking in the early days was full of new inventions. People were practicing on new moves and improved their technique. Another important aspect in development of the dance was the search for and development of functional gear to optimize performance. One such accessory, widely known as the Spin Cap, has a pretty interesting backstory and is the only piece of gear that’s ever been produced specifically to aid breaking.

Back in the day, safety equipment wasn’t really something that crossed people’s minds, even with moves that involved your head touching the ground. The few times one caught burns or lost a bit of hair from sliding across the floor were an afterthought. And even today, it’s not an option to wear any visible safety-gear during a performance. For better or for worse, it’s just uncool. The most common way of learning headspins in the 80s was by using an ice hockey helmet, preferably the square helmet made by Cooper, or the more comfortable, round-and-bulky skating helmet by Pro-Tech. A crew like the B-Boy all-stars from Australia even used the Pro-tech in their Logo. there were times when I wouldn´t leave the house without my helmet.

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Story behind the Mockneck

In the second part of Serious Stories Storm is telling the story behind the Mockneck. About his first trip to New York City and about finding the difference between a regular sweater and a genuine Mockneck with a little bit of help from the legendary Kwikstep.

I married in a Mockneck by the way.. Didn’t know when to mention it … Storm

What’s a Mockneck?

A Mockneck is basically an ordinary pullover. The term Mockneck derives from its collar, which is a standing collar, other than a turtle neck. The typical b-boy Mockneck is made of one hundred percent polyester.

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The Battle of the Year Interview

Interview with Sade, Storm and Swift about the Brand “Serious”


It’s getting “Serious”! The new Breaking gear attacks! What is the idea behind the new brand „Serious“? Why this name? All the answers right here in the interview.

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